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Our Sponsors

A special thank you to our sponsors for their time, effort and donations.

Our Sponsors



In-Kind Donations

General Meeting Sponsors

       Bob and Nancy Conner
       Ralph Davidson of Davidson Fire Protection
       David and Katy Kern
       Dr. Lisa Mannix and Brent Clark
       Jim and Susan McLaughlin
       Tim and Margaret Savaglio

Watch Party Sponsors

       Platinum Tea Pot ($500 and up)
              Jim Bonaminio
              Friends of Sheriff Richard K. Jones
              the Liberty Township Tea Party Board
              Becky Wilber
              Davidson Fire Protection Services Inc.

       Gold Tea Pot ($250 and up)
              Friends of John Boehner
              Dentistry at University Pointe
              Seth and Brooke Patin
              Preferred Protectors Insurance Agency     .

       Silver Tea Pot ($150 and up)
              Buckley Financial Planning
              Chris and Cheryl Keitel
              Steve Koebbe
              Dan and Jo Suer
              Robert and Connie Walton

ADAGO Marketing - Denise Reier

Beck TV Service - Jerry Erion

Global Sign - John Thompson

Marco's Pizza

Preferred Protectors Insurance Agency
Stephen Marsh

Taco Bell