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New Members

A Guide for New Members

Download the New Member Packet and learn more about the Liberty Township Tea Party.  Here you'll find information to help you get started including;

New Member Packet
  • a  list of our board members and active committees
  • recommend reading materials and helpful websites
  • how to get involved at a state and local level
  • a list of representatives and elected officials and how to reach them
  • helpful tips when calling representatives







    Engaging with fellow Tea Party Members

    Learn and engage in face-to-face conversations with local thinkers and doers and get involved in discussions and movements around the following topics, to name a few:

    • Fair Tax


    • Healthcare Reform


    • Gun Rights 
    • Border Security &


    • Ballot Security


    •  Constitutional Studies
    •  Federal Politics


    •  State and Local Politics


    •  Government Waste
    •  Education


    •  Economics and Trade


    •  Media / Freedom of Speech



    ... and much, much more!