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Thank you to Bill Standish ! 

2015 Liberty Township 4th of July Parade

While the LTTP activities over the last 6 years (yes six!) have changed but one thing that we have done consistently for the last five years is to participate in the local Liberty Township 4th of July Community Parade which is celebrated of course on the Anniversary of the Independence of our country.   It is a good way to advertise and stay in touch with the citizenry.  

This is kind of late notice but we would like some volunteers to march with us this year.   I have volunteered to lead an effort to at least make a showing to ensure citizens that we HAVE NOT GONE AWAY and in fact are more powerful today then we have ever been.  Bottom line, we have made a difference and we can further influence the future.  Now is the time to advance our cause by inserting more effort and pressure.   The opposition does not have the tenacity or perseverance to achieve political dominance.   With continued effort, we will dominant for decades!

As those of you who have participated in previous parades you know there are thousands of people involved (participating or viewing) in this parade so we have a one hour opportunity (1.5 mile parade route) to influence people.

In this 6th year of the LTTP existence we need to have a good showing so I am asking for some support to organize, support, etc. and I know this group will respond. 

Details about the parade are at this link:

http://www.egovlink.com/public_documents300/libertytownship/published_documents/Events/Parade%20Info.pdf.   I will register our group with the LT office to make this official.

We should plan to assemble in the North parking lot of Lakota EAST HS about 9:15-30 so we get into the front of the parade which starts at 10 AM sharp.

August 21 and 22   Defending American Dream in Columbus



If you would like to follow progress on our IRS law suit, tune into the American Center for Law and Justice‚Äôs blog at http://aclj.org/docket-blog .  If you are interested in more news on the IRS please read http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/10/irs-lost-4-billion-to-identity-thieves-in-2012-as-it-targeted-the-tea-party/




A bill to repeal Common Core Curriculum is getting a hearing in Columbus. If you would like to stay focused on this devastating change to the educational curriculum, please sign on to OHIOANSAGAINSTCOMMONCORE.COM .


IRS Scandal and the TEA Party,Your Liberty Township Tea Party is in the eye of the storm with the IRS scandal. Rest assured that the IRS harassment was not the action of a rogue, low level IRS employee; we have written proof that higher ups in the IRS were made aware and involved as early as 2011.

To be clear, our national government used tax agency bureaucrats to investigate people and groups because of their political beliefs and gave that private information to opposing groups. We have also agreed to be a party to a class action suit with American Center for Law and Justice. ACLJ is led by Jay Sekelow and is well known as representing conservative groups before the US Supreme Court and international tribunals. Background on IRS IntrusionAs many of you know, the IRS issued an apology for targeting "tea party" and "patriot" groups. We within the Liberty Township Tea Party are painfully aware of these intrusive actions. Click this link and download a PDF to see the type of questions that were demanded of us to answer as well as this follow-up list of questions. We are working with local Senators and Representatives of Congress as well as seeking legal council to make sure this is brought to justice.





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